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November 22, 2011

You can blame Chris

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I’ve never wanted to have my own blog. I don’t really even like writing.

So imagine my surprise when the statement below struck a cord as I was reading a blog entry by Christopher Schwarz

4. Get a blog. I wish every woodworker had a blog and recorded his or her woodworking triumphs and trials. Blogs are free – like this WordPress blog – and they are great ways to record your progress, even if no one else reads it.

“But I don’t like writing”, I thought to myself and I blocked it out of my mind.

Recently, while searching a woodworking forum, I stumbled onto an old post I had made about building a picture box. It was kind’a fun to re-live that moment. Then I noticed that the post was almost a year old, and will be deleted from the forums memory (they have limited storage for old stuff).  Soon if I ever wanted to re-live that moment again, I won’t be able to find it on that forum.

So if you have stumbled onto this blog you are welcome to read along, but if you don’t, it’s still a great way to record my progress.


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