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January 10, 2012

Woodworking in the community

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I’m not a very social guy.

Its not that I’m antisocial, I just don’t need, what my wife refers to as, a lot of social interaction. This can be both a good thing and a bad thing as a hobby woodworker since it is usually a solitary activity. The good thing is that I don’t get lonely. The bad thing is that if my wife would let me I’d happily disappear into my shop for a week and not talk to anyone.

That kind of social absence is bad for woodworking. Many leading woodworkers have expressed their concern that our hobby is fading into extinction, and I agree that there is a great risk that it will be lost forever. For this reason woodworking needs to be shared with peers and beginners.

Tonight I’m going to my monthly woodworking association meeting. I started going about a year ago, and I’m still getting a feel for it, but it’s good for a crotchety hermit like myself to drag my sorry butt out of the house, and invest in my local WW community from time to time.

If there is a WW club in your area, you should really think about checking it out.

I can’t guarantee that you will like it,

but I can guarantee that you might not hate it.


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