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January 18, 2012

Woodworking in the community Part 2

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Last week I put out a quick encouragement to get out and get involved in your community, and I figured I was doing my part by attending the monthly woodworking association meeting in my area . Little did I know that the meeting coordinator was waiting for me to arrive last week so she could ask me to do a hand tool presentation next month.

I’m the only one in the group that really uses hand tools so it shouldn’t be a big surprise that I’d be asked if hand tools were a desired topic, but none the less I’m a little unsettled.

I’m not much for public speaking, and am very easily distracted, so staying on topic could be like trying to pin down a snake with a spoon, and although when working alone in my shop I am right at home with my tools and their tasks, the last time I tried to cut a straight line with someone watching, my cut suffered from some artistic license.

We have also had a number of presentations from “real” presenters from places like Lee Valley and other tool manufacturers that have covered your typical topics. This means that a topic is as much a problem as the bobble head (me) that will be presenting.

What I have noticed is that most hand tool talk has pointed to the idea of a pure hand tool work shop, and I am certain that none of them are interested in that. I’m thinking that I might go with the angle of hand tools that compliment power tool work.

Smoother vs. Sandpaper
Dividers vs. A ruler and math
Egg beater drill vs. Power drill
Marking knife vs. Pencil
Cut nails vs. Modern fasteners
Hand saw for complex angle cuts vs. Complicated, one time, jigs

Stuff like that.

I am also thinking I’ll cover some important topics like the myth that hand tools are for the super skilled, the dangers of dull chisels, and the difference of work flow between hand and power tools.

All I know is that if I’m this stressed now, I’m going to be a mess in time for the meeting in 4 weeks!

I wonder if anyone will notice if I start sucking my thumb for comfort?



  1. Why dont you go the whole hog (and really pile on the pressure) and video the presentation as well and we (your loyal blog readers) can enjoy it!…

    Rather you than me!…

    Comment by Boo — January 19, 2012 @ 5:29 am

    • While live via satellite may sound like fun for you, I’m thinking its bad enough that they will be taking pictures for the monthly news letter.

      And besides, let us not forget that this blog is here so I can document the things I want to remember, not the things that leave me horribly scarred, and emotionally traumatized.

      Now back to my thumb sucking.

      Comment by fairwoodworking — January 20, 2012 @ 12:06 am

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