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January 25, 2012

The 30 day challenge that didn’t quite happen

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If you are not familiar with the 30 day challenge as it relates to cutting dovetails.

The idea is this.

If you want to improve your dovetails, the only way is practice. For 30 days in a row, cut just one set of dovetails each day. By the end, you should pretty much have it down.


When I committed to the challenge I made some startling discoveries. The first was that they were taking an hour and a half to two hours to complete. The second was that not every night had an extra two hours to spare. The third was despite the fact that I was only getting about 2-3 in per week, I could still see rapid improvement.

There was a point where the itch to build became too great, and the last few practice joints never got done. However, I don’t regret the time I did spend at all.


Even now when I’m just not feeling sharp or don’t want the pressure of an active project, I’ll do a quick practice joint. Its also a great opportunity to try some of the more tricked out forms of dovetails.


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