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March 2, 2012

First halfblind Dovetails

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With new tools come new tasks.

Having completed making both a set of Skew Chisels and a Fishtail, there was no excuse not to give halfblinds a try.

The sawing is a little more difficult than through dovetails, but similar in nature to sawing mitered dovetails. Having essentially two versions of the same tool, I thought it best that I give both a try.

First I tried the Fishtail. The entire process was trial and error, but I got through it pretty well. Will need to improve the gaps along the tops of the tails. The Fishtail worked pretty well I thought, but having never used the skews I had nothing to compare to.

The second halfblind gave the Skews a chance to win my heart. I’m all for dedicated tools, so I can see an easy victory here.

I pick up one of the Skews and go to work cleaning out one of the corners. Give a little pare along the base line, and then move to trim the angle cut off the pin… Hmmmm…. The skew angle is backward…. Set down the one and go to work with the other for a sec. Now I need a square edged chisel. Put down the skew, and grab my regular. Now I need the skew, no wait, the other skew.

With all the picking up and putting down, it’s a wonder I didn’t cut myself. It really took no time at all for me to see how much more effective the fishtail is for halfblinds.  It does the work of both skews without any transition time, and still works fine as a square edged chisel.

I really can’t see ever using the skews for halfblinds again, but I’m sure they will come in handy some day .


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