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March 20, 2012

From humble beginnings

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Four months ago today Fair Woodworking was born. It’s not a big deal although I am thinking of ordering a cake.

I have to laugh that as I am writing this I am sitting in near total darkness. The power went out about an hour ago just as I was about to head down to the shop to get a little time in.

The irony is not lost on me that I, a hand tool guy can’t use his unpowered tools because the power is out. I have not yet honed my skills to the point of working blind folded or just in the dark.

So here I sit typing on my wee little blackberry keyboard, and ponder for a second what a different world we would live in if the rechargeable battery had never been invented.

With that horrible thought spinning in your head, I shall continue.

Prior to starting this blog, I snooped around a little and found many blogs with one, two, or three posts, all showing good intentions of a long run of posts, but for whatever reason, had been abandoned for years.

I had to wonder if I had more than 3 posts in me, and it would seem that I do. I really did wonder and in fact I hope my High School english teacher never finds out about me writing a blog, the poor old girl would keel over!

I can’t say I love writing, but I do value the result of my thoughts, my work, and yes even my mistakes.

Blogging also seems to have a motivating factor for me. A blog has a ferocious appetite for content. To generate content I am obligated to spend more time in the shop. But not only that, as I work it is constantly in my mind the questions, “How will I document this? How will I justify my actions? Do I need to take a picture of this?”.

These questions have an unimagined value to me. They push me when I want to say it’s good enough, and force me to think things through. Well… Sometimes.

Let’s put it this way.

Blogging seems to be helping me learn better, and dare I say, faster.

As lame as I may have thought blogging was before I started, I now can see real value to the writer, and it doesn’t have to be a blog. A good old fashion journal would work just as well, although the public nature of blogging does seem to add a level of accountability. The threat of public scrutiny has its power.

My favorite thing about a blog though has to be the pictures. Especially since I don’t keep everything I make. To be able to go back and look at the things I make is a real joy that I will value for many years.

Well, the power just came back on, and I think I’ll end with a behind the scenes view of my last photo shoot.



  1. I’ve been enjoying your posts, please keep them coming!

    Comment by rob campbell — March 21, 2012 @ 1:40 am

  2. Thanks Rob,

    It’s nice to hear that it is of value to others as well.

    By the way, nice job on the lock install. I’ve never tried one before, but will have to give it a try some time.

    Comment by fairwoodworking — March 21, 2012 @ 6:31 pm

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