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March 26, 2012

A simple box with only hand tools. Part 6

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Again, not to rag on my good buddy Roy, (he doesn’t actually know I exist…), but he didn’t even touch on for a moment about creating the shallow tail.  You don’t want to take this step while cutting the tails because you can’t mark your pins with a shallow tail. This step has to wait until I have marked the pins. In my case, it was good that I waited until ALL the pins were totally finished since I had to start again from scratch on that one piece.

Here is what I did.

I started by scribing a line with my marking gauge from the outside face to just shy of the groove. Be careful along the side of the tail not to bruise the shoulder with the marking gauge!

Then with the dovetail saw, rip at an angle as much as you can (on the waste side thank you very much) again without bruising the shoulder or the next tail. You can see that in this case you’d best do as I say, not as I did. That wee little nick of a kerf mark will require a lot of work to plane down away. Ah, well. That is for another day.

From this point I tried a couple of different things. I tried sawing along the base line, but again you can only saw a small angle part of it. What I found worked best, I didn’t take a pic of, I chopped it out with a chisel like Frank Klausz chops out the waste in his video (see link way above) until I’ve reached where the shallow tail begins. Then a quick chop with the grain splits the chunk out.

A little paring and she’s ready to go.


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