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April 16, 2012

A simple box. One year later.

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One thing that worries me when I make something and give it away is that it works properly for the new owner.

A few years ago, a coworker went to Honduras and bought a beautiful turned wood bowl. It split in half the day after he returned home.

In that case it was not a design flaw so much as it was a lack of understanding of how to slowly dry the bowl to the its new climate.

Where I live you can expect to see both extreme high humidity in the summer as well as some fairly low humidity in the winter. It was interesting to see how my little pine box would react to all these different conditions of life as a truck console.

First off. This thing is bullet proof. I have no doubt it will out last me, and its also just a matter of time before I end up using it as a step stool.

I do regret leaving the bottom raised panel proud of the bottom. If I slam on my breaks, and forget to hold on to it, it will smash into my dashboard. In most cases it takes out my coffee at the same time.

I just try to drive slow.

It is nice to have something I made this close at hand throughout the day. I find it often has a calming effect to feel it under my fingers. The tool marks, and even the mistakes.

I have had some trouble with the lid however. It’s over 8″ wide, and the pine just is not stable enough to span that width and still fit nicely in the grooves. It’s as strong as I could ever ask it to be, but on a really humid day it can swell enough to wedge itself in. I planed it down to fit, but now when it’s dry it rattles around in the opening. Its not so bad that I need to replace it, but in hind sight, a frame and panel may have been better.

I have to carry it into the office from time to time, and had planned on mounting a handle, but before I did, I discovered that it already had one.

All in all, I think it could be the best box 9 bucks I ever spent.

Thanks Boss.


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