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August 23, 2012

Story boards, and changing the scale of your work

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Having come face to face with the uncomfortable truth that I lack the artistic wherewithal to design good looking projects, I’ve chosen to swallow my pride like a boy swallowing whole stalks of broccoli in hopes of getting desert.

It’s time try building something from a set of plans.

I’m not happy about this, but something’s got to give. Well, also I’m suffering from designers block.

So I picked a set of plans and I started laying it out, but I’ve found that the finished project will be larger than I want laying around the house.

It needs to be smaller, but changing any one dimension will dramatically change the over all look of the project.

Every dimension will need to change, and more importantly, stay consistent with the other dimensions.

Hmmm… This looks like math….


I can use my Shop made Sector!

The largest dimension on the plan is 16″, I’d like it more in the 9″ range. Just a little larger than half the original plan. Ya, that would be some kind of ugly math, and then making it work on a ruler? Forget it!

I start by laying the ruler across the sector. I’ve lined up the line on 1 inch mark and the 17 inch mark to the sectors “11” line. That’s a 16 inch span.

Then I spread the divider to 9 inches. It lines up pretty well with the markings of #6 on the sector. That will be close enough.

The rest is pretty simple. Make the full size story board. Use dividers to transfer to the sector at the # 11 position. Use dividers to transfer the corresponding distance from the #6 position to the scaled down story board.

Now if you look close. You will see that I didn’t bother to scale something. That something can be whatever I want, but we will get to that later.



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