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October 18, 2012

Some things never change

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Talked to my mother tonight. I’ve lived as an adult for a number of years longer than I did as child, but somehow I still seem to catch trouble from mom. I need to eat more vegetables, need to do more exercise, need to change my underwear. I have no idea how she knows the condition of my underwear, but somehow from 5,000 km away she knows…

Some things, like moms, never change.

Other things can change if we choose to make them so.

A while ago, I gave myself a challenge to try building some stuff using others designs. Like take a set of plans, and build what’s on the plans. This may seem silly to some. I’ve seen the plans in magazines, along with detailed cut lists. I suspect there are woodworkers out there that only build things designed by others.

I am not that guy. I don’t think I’ve ever built anything based on plans.

I don’t say that proudly, I’m sure I would have made some much nicer things if I was that guy. I’m just that bad at following directions.

The first thing I built was the Packing Box, however the size given for the box was far too big for my liking. I followed the guidelines of how to build the box, but rather than build it to the size in the book, I chose to also play the role of customer so that I could experience the demand of both the building, and calculating the dimensions on my own.

The next project in the book, is the School Box. Again, the dimensions were undesirably large for my taste, but I wanted to follow the design. I especially wanted to take advantage of the proportions given for the box.

I quickly went over re scaling the dimensions here, in the end I scaled it down to a ratio of 6 to 11, and that gave me the rough dimensions of 9 x 6 x 6.


You will notice that I didn’t go with big strap hinges, or a lock. Money’s a little tight, and this is just one more practice box. I also didn’t do the shelf on the inside of the box. With the smaller size of this box, I felt that it would greatly affect the easy access of the lower area, so I left it out.

I like the box. I love the shape of it.
I hate how long it took me, and how many blatant mistakes I made in building it.

I either need to get way faster, or I need to get way, way better.
Some things never change, but something needs to change.


  1. As long as you keep doing, you’ll keep learning and improving.


    Comment by ChrisHasFlair — October 19, 2012 @ 7:49 am

    • Hey Chris,
      Don’t worry, this wasn’t a statement of discouragement, far from it.

      It’s a statement of determination that something must WILL improve.

      Comment by fairwoodworking — October 20, 2012 @ 12:45 pm

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