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February 16, 2013

My first hand tool project

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I was wading through a bunch of old pictures, and I stumbled on to a picture that made me smile.


I’d been thinking that my first all hand tool project was when I built my “Simple Box”, but technically speaking, I think it happened years before that.

Nearly 7 years ago I saw hand tools as wizardry, and to dabble in the dark arts, really got my heart thumping.

To make anything near “wispy” shavings, resulted in grand stories not unlike the young squire that fights the dragon, and taunts the gods.



I can’t believe I took pictures of shavings.

Well no that’s not true. I can’t believe I didn’t take more.

So what can you build with a single hand plane?

Not much, but I did manage to finish a truly simple project. What I did build was enough to convince me that I might be able to do this hand tool stuff.

I picked up a small piece of scrap 2×4, and did something that I’d struggled (don’t laugh) with, when using modern power tools.

I dimensioned it on all 6 sides.


First hand tool project

Finished project? Well it’s still just a block of wood, but it’s square and true.

All with a hand plane.

I felt like a god!

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