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June 10, 2013

Roubo Bookstand a trial run

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A while back I stumbled on to a set of plans to build the Roubo book stand. I looked at it, and thought that it would be interesting to do some day.

The only thing that really stuck with me on that set of plans was the instruction to practice in softwood first…

Well, after committing to film more of my work, I found myself with a block of pine in front of the camera, and I hadn’t thought to look again at the plans.

Here is your lucky chance to watch me bang off the layout on the fly.


I wonder how many things you can pick out that I did wrong?

Well for one, it seems I’m a heavy breather when I’m pondering what to do next.

I also still haven’t mastered marking out a 45 degree angle.

In the heat of the moment, I completely forgot to always reference my square off the same surface.

Finally, the layout on the side doesn’t look right…

I’ll have to fix that…

Next time.


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