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July 5, 2013

Roubo Bookstand Part 4. But I was cool…

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The good thing about practice pieces is that you get experience. The bad thing is that you gotta suffer through the hard times.

Sister, the hard times are here.

So we start out with scribing the lines that I will want to saw to, in order to separate the legs.

No problem.

I scribed a line estimating both sides of the saw kerf, and then darkened them with pencil.

The cut I’m going to do is pretty much the same as resawing by hand, and I think this is the part that most people would break into a cold sweat. I use to do the same, but not owning a band saw, I’ve gotten enough practice that the resawing may have been the part of this project that I was most confident about.

The sawing went without a hitch… That is except for the video… It seems I messed up a setting, so the picture quality is a little off.

However it still shows clearly how I approach resawing, and may still be of value if you read my walkthrough  from a while back, but were not sure what it really looked like.

Anyways, after that, you get an inside view of one woodworker suffering while trying to problem solve in front of a camera. I try a number of different things to get the legs to open properly, nearly slice the tip of my thumb off (You will have to pay attention, it’s in high speed), and one of my “solutions” nearly destroys the project.

…but I was cool.


That’s it…

I’m done.


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