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September 1, 2013

Roubo Stand to Scale (To build outside the box)

I built this a while ago, but I kept forgetting to take pictures of it.

This years woodworking challenge given by my woodworking club was to build out side of the box.  Now I’m no fool. It clearly was a challenge directed at me. You see here on the blog I show a lot of the boxes I make, but the club sees them all. This was their tongue in cheek way of seeing if I can make anything else.


Well I showed them!

This stand is made of Ash that was provided by the club. I can’t say I love Ash, but I got by.  I also had to scale it down a little for the width of the board they gave me as well. I think it’s about half the size it should be.

After my little practice run I figured that I was ready for the big time.


As you can see, I still haven’t solved the problem of cutting between the knuckle joints.

I also sure enough lost control with my cross-cut saw up thar…

All that said, A roubo stand is not that difficult a project with a basic set of hand skills. Most of you could easily do it, but to do it well?

To build a really nice flawless roubo stand, like most projects will require a lot more practice.


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