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October 2, 2013

5 reasons you should go to a Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Event

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1. Free Shipping!!!

2. On minimum orders of $300 (I think… could have been $400) they were throwing in a free DVD.

3. All their tools are at hand and ready to test drive on real wood.

4. Chances are you won’t hear the statement “I hope next years model comes with lasers”.

5. You might meet that special woodworking someone.

One of the biggest problems I find with hand tool woodworking is that there are not that many of us around. The work we do is somewhat quieter than that of our power tool cousins, and so you would never know if the guy/girl next door is an avid hand tool woodworker from the noises coming out of their garage.

Darn it! Making friends of the hand tool persuasion can be difficult if you can’t easily find them.

Lie-Nielsen has brought an end to this dilemma.  The real beauty of these hand tool events is that they are about hand tools, and that has a tendency to draw the hand tool guys/girls out of the (pun warning in effect) woodwork…

Yes, at the risk of cheapening these hallowed events, they can be the hand tool equivalent of a singles bar. BUT, in a good way!

Seriously, the event that happened here last weekend was really great. I met a number of really cool people that shared a love for the same great hobby. We had a great time talking shop about a number of different tools, techniques, and a little about food as well. I had no idea how many people like me were in this town.

So yes.

Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Events are similar to a singles bar, but without the cheesy pickup lines, or the awkward walk of shame the morning after.


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