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December 7, 2013

Go for a stretch

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In my shop, one of the most important power tools has always been my work light. Recently I’ve been wanting to upgrade, and after reports from Chris Schwarz I’d, like many, planned to hit Ikea the next chance I could to pick up one of their LED lights.

Recently Lee Valley started offering a battery operated option that had gotten me thinking, but I wasn’t sold on the options necessary for keeping it from falling over. Sure there are optional parts available so you can mount it in a dog hole. But what if you don’t have a dog hole where you want the light?

Problem not solved…

Then Chris had to go and sing this little guys praises as well. I better get one, but what about the base. One of the few good things about having a messy and cluttered shop is the mounds of crap around available for inspiration.


Who doesn’t have an old paint can lid kicking around? It is a little wobbly, but it will work until I find just the right hunk of metal for a base.


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