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June 1, 2014

Silent Night

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Sure is quiet tonight…


Blogs are quiet.

Twitter’s a ghost town..?

I wonder why Wilber Pan needed a nap today…?

** Checks Forums **

WoodNet looks a little slow tonight. That place never sleeps.


I wonder if Sawmill Creek has solved the Dovetail guide debate. No wait that got locked down.


Nobody there either.

Perhaps The Canadian Woodworking Hand Tool Forum.

Ya, right! Like anyone ever goes there anymore.

** Crickets **

Where is everybody?!

T-2Hr 25Min16Sec.

Oh ya. Right.


It’s almost June!

I think it was early April when the news came out. Exclusive showing of the Holy Grail of tool chests for 3 days only.

It’s an event that may never happen again. In our lifetime or perhaps ever.

At first blush, you would think that the hand tool woodworking community would be going Ape Sh** over this kind of news, but for some reason, there has been almost no mention of it.

Kind’a odd that nobody, I mean NOBODY is talking about it

T-2Hr 19Min33Sec.

The organizers of this event are some of the key members of the woodworking community, and they have seen how all goofballs pee their pants with the slightest mention of something exclusive, so I have to think they could be sweating right now.

With no talk of the event since almost its announcement, has everyone forgotten? I almost did.

If Don from Barn on White Run hadn’t posted about it, I surely would have forgotten. Don is one of the organizers, so he may know by higher than normal traffic to his site, but it could just be a bunch of looky loues.

All I know is it sure is quiet.

T-2Hr 11Min42Sec.

On the other hand, the entire world could be about to annihilate the ticket booth server. What if it crashes? That would be bad. Not just bad for them. Bad for me, cause I need me some tickets.

1200 tickets over 3 days.

What if there are 1200 people who all want my ticket.

Or what if there are 600 people who all want 2 tickets each. I want 2 tickets!!!

Or what if there are evil woodworkers that are going to buy up all the tickets and scalp them?

Should I buy extra tickets and scalp them?

I wonder how many police are in that town…

T-2Hr 05Min47Sec.

This is really starting to stress me out!

If you are reading this I’ve posted it after buying my Tickets.

Or perhaps I didn’t get any? They sold out while I was in the bathroom?!?

I need another alarm clock just in case I get distracted.

Oh Crap! How do you set the alarm on this infernal thing!!?

I know. I can run over and ask the guy next door to check on me!

No wait! It’s dark out and I could trip on something, and then some car might drive right over me!


Why is everything getting blurry?

Oh ya. Need to breath.

T-1Hr 59Min40Sec.

I need to relax and think about something else for a while.



If man ever colonize the moon, will we build fences around our houses so our dogs don’t run away?

They’d have to be pretty tall when there is so little gravity.

Oh god!! What time is it!!?

T-1Hr 56Min49Sec.

This is crazy!





T-0Hr 00Min00Sec.

Uh oh.


Where’s my credit card?



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