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August 13, 2014

I lost a friend and a teacher this week

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Well that’s a little over dramatic even for me. And really “lost” is not even the right term. Now sold however, sold is more appropriate.

This week I sold a friend and teacher.

Seeing as slavery is not legal in Canada, obviously I’m not talking about a human teacher (real woodworkers are self taught), and my invisible talking dog is neither a great teacher nor of any significant monitary value.

This week I sold the workbench on which I’ve learned almost every woodworking skill I have.



Workbenches should not be teachers. Woodworkers should be teachers, and aspiring woodworkers should see their benches as teacher’s assistants.

But we all know that woodworking is a solitary hobby, so real woodworkers hide themselves in their basements alone, avoiding contact with other woodworkers unless it involves wifi.

The Internet is great, but it is worthless until it is put to test on the bench. The problem is the Internet can’t phisically walk you through the steps of a new skill. It can’t point out to you when you completely miss understand the directions and completely blow the process.

I appreciate that my old bench was there for me as I struggled to learn. It was patient as I ran back to my computer to try to decifer what I did wrong.

I’m sure if that bench could talk like my imaginary dog can, it would remind me that if God wanted woodworkers to get together, he wouldn’t have invented the Internet.

Ya right.


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