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November 21, 2015

Don’t just own. Learn.

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I live in a city with a fair amount of disposable income, not to mention a rather healthy appetite for pretty new hand tools. I’ve met a number of people here that openly admit that they really have no interest in building anything. If you are one of them this post is not directed at you.

However, there is a entirely different group out there that have all the tools, who sit there looking at all their shiny bits and wonder, “now what”.

If that is you, it’s time to learn my friend.

If you haven’t noticed over the past 4 years (yes fairwoodworking turned 4 today) I’ve been on a bit of a “develop your skills” kick.  So why wouldn’t my birthday post be directed at pointing a few Calgary locals to a great chance to learn?


Above is an unauthorized cut & paste from a friend of mine who’s boxes make my offerings look like so much monkey poo.

In early January, Jeremy Pringle will be teaching a class at the Calgary Lee Valley on box building. This is a class that any new woodworker would be fortunate to be able to attend. (Brace yourself Jeremy, the Fairwoodworking effect may overwhelm you…)

Anyways if you are in the area or anywhere near a Lee Valley store, check out their In store seminar schedule.

You just might learn something.

You can find more of Jeremy via
@jeremylachlan on Instagram
@JeremyPringle1 on Twitter

Editor’s note – I just read the sad news that the woodworking world lost Carl Bilderback last night to cancer. Like many, I’ve read about what a great guy he was, and all he’s given to the craft. Although I never got to know him beyond a handshake, I hope a little of his Mojo rubbed off, since we all have some pretty big shoes to fill now that he’s passed.



  1. If they have no interest in building things, why do they have the new tools? If they were collecting old tools I might understand, but I can’t understand buying new tools unless they had even a vague intention of making something.

    Comment by Chris — November 21, 2015 @ 6:26 am

    • Hey, I get you! But really, who am I to complain about what someone else wants to collect? So long as it isn’t shrunken heads or baby toes I can deal with it.
      Besides, new tools purchased for the sake of collecting lower the overhead for the manufacturer and that’s good for all of us. Also hopefully in 50 or so years all those collector tools will be sweet garage sale finds for some new woodworker.
      Good to here from you Chris!

      Comment by fairwoodworking — November 21, 2015 @ 6:38 am

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