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November 27, 2012

How I flatten my stones. Part 2

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I don’t know how many of you actually read what I write, but I’ve noticed that I do get a lot of hits on topics involving Sharpening, Lapping, or stone flattening.

Again, I don’t know if anyone reads it all, or if they stop after the first paragraph, and say, “this guy is wacked!”

Anyways, I’ve felt for a long time now that my description (HERE) lacked a little in getting through how easy the 3 stone system really is.

So I’ve fired up my low definition video camera, and made my second video. (I decided to play some music as cover noise in the event of any unexpected bodily noises…)

Flattening the three 1000 grit stones is just like what I explained before. The order that I work the stones is intentional. The rotation I do is a key part of the system.

I then move on to 8000, and finish with the 4000. Again intentional.

Annnnnndddd. You guessed it. The odd order of rotation that I follow? Ya that’s intentional too. If you number the three stones from 1 – 3. 1 on the left, 3 on the right, the order is;

1, 2, 3, 2, 3, 1.

The idea is to maintain a consistent average UN- flatness that each of the three stones is subjected to.

The first stone sees the stone when it is at its most unflat, and then when it is the most flat.

That’s all folks.


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